01. The Minister of [Finance] has just announced a reduction in personal income taxes for lower income families.
02. We hired a [financial] advisor to help us organize our company a bit better.
03. She enjoys her job, but [financially] it's not the greatest.
04. The resignation of the senior administrator is seen as an acknowledgement that the company is in serious [financial] difficulty.
05. We need to be a bit more careful with our household [finances] because our bank balance is getting pretty low.
06. The government has announced a special program to help [finance] new small businesses.
07. Children in this country are often [financially] independent from their parents by the age of 19 or 20.
08. My father's company has been experiencing some [financial] difficulties, so they are going to have to lay off some staff.
09. Studies show that elderly people are more likely to give [financial] help to their children than they are to receive it.
10. A major obstacle to development of the poorer nations is the [financing] of the very expensive industrialization process.
11. Dick Cavett once remarked that as long as people will accept crap, it will be [financially] profitable to dispense it.
12. There is an African-American proverb which states that romance without [finance] don't stand a chance.
13. The original thirteen colonies of the United States were [financed] with the help of money raised by selling lottery tickets.
14. The work of the great composer Tchaikovsky was [financed] by a wealthy widow for thirteen years.
15. Before the civil war began in Lebanon in 1975, Beirut was considered by many to be the [financial] center of the Middle East.
16. Farming in Kuwait is practiced at great [financial] cost in order to reduce the country's dependence on imported food.
17. Household [finances] are generally handled by the women in Burmese society.
18. The tiny country of Brunei is very dependent on revenues from oil and natural gas to [finance] its development programmes.
19. In April of 1992, a bomb planted by the IRA exploded in London's [financial] district; three people were killed and 91 injured.
20. In 1931, German industrialists [financed] the 800,000 member Nazi party.
21. Men seem to value attractiveness in their mate, whereas women put more emphasis on [financial] prospects.
22. Mary Wollstonecraft once suggested that a woman's [financial] dependence on a man in marriage was 'legal prostitution.'
23. They have found some interested [financiers] who are willing to bankroll their new movie.
24. [Financing] a new business is a risky operation; you could lose a lot of money.
25. An anonymous [financier] has donated over one million dollars to help build a new cancer research facility at the university.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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